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Name:Kelley Rexroad
Title:Founder & Principal Consultant
Address:PO Box 1022
Country:United States of America
Phone No:813-920-9030
Cell No:813-263-3066
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Kelley Rexroad
Call me and let's solve a problem for you today with a “7 Minute Strategy Session”. If you get my voicemail,please leave a message! I'll call you back within 24 hours!

Kelley Rexroad, SPHR, is the Founder of krexconsulting;  the consultant for organizations who know their potential is in their people and the coach for successful people who want more.

She has twenty-five years in the communications and human resources fields. Her prior employers include Cardinal Health, British Aerospace and The Singer Company. Kelley learned her business sense early- growing up and working in-- a family owned business. She earned her B.A. degree from Mary Baldwin College. Her graduate studies and further education took place at the American University and Thunderbird University. She holds the professional designation of Senior Human Resources Professional, International HR Management certification and is an Og Mandino Certified Coach.  Kelley is a published author in books, columns, calendars and is a sought after speaker.  

She has been featured on Sky Radio, Entrepreneur, Tampa Tribune, Maddux Business Report, Tampa Bay Times, New York Times, cbs, upladders, and  Fox Business News' Neil Cavuto called her “the expert”  and Fortune named her an American Innovator.  She is a member of several global and local  professional organizations.

She has been recognized as a Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year Finalist-twice-in two different categories.  She is a coach for the University of Tampa and an instructor in HR at USF.  She donates hundreds of hours every year to her church and is a  long time platelet donor.

Personally she is known for her integrity, strategic insight, creativity, results orientation, ability to lead change, and optimism.  Kelley lives in Odessa Florida with her beau of 34 years and their two rescue dogs.
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